What is RaceData?

RaceData is an application that allows you to manage your entire racing team and your racing sessions before, during and after a racing event.

The application includes:

  • Team management
  • Vehicle management
  • Event management
  • Stint creation
  • Stint comparison
RaceData app screenshot
RaceData app screenshot

Team management

The team management feature allows you to invite your racing team members to the application.

Team members can be assigned different roles in the application, such as Team Owner, Car Chief or Driver, and thus have access to different areas of the application.

You can add new members via an invitation link.

Vehicle management

In the vehicle management feature you can track all your race cars data at a glance. In addition to technical data, you can also manage the necessary vehicle information (VIN, car pass number etc.).

You can also upload a picture of your vehicles.

RaceData app screenshot
RaceData app screenshot

Event management

What would a racing team be without events to compete in?

Create events and sessions and give all participants an overview of the schedule, locations, and any additional information.

You can also track the weather at the respective event location.

Stint creation

3-2-1 GO! This feature allows you to document all laps during a session. Here you can not only specify the event, the detailed weather data and drivers, but also all the complete and detailed vehicle setup with all relevant settings.

With the stopwatch function, you can save your lap times immediately in the application and note important information about the lap, such as the fuel level, the condition of the track, and incidences.

RaceData app screenshot
RaceData app screenshot

Stint comparison

You want to compare your lap with old laps from a few years ago or with laps driven by other drivers on your team? No problem.

In the comparison function, you can search for old laps including all setups and compare them with any other lap.

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