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Why teams choose RaceData

Central coordination and communication

RaceData brings race planning and team coordination together. See directly which driver is taking part in which race, which car is being used and all the logistical details. No switching back and forth between different tools or data sheets.

Real-time data acquisition and analysis

With only a few seconds at the pit stop, it is important to record and analyze race data quickly. RaceData makes it easy to collect important information such as tire condition and vehicle performance. This data is immediately available to engineers and decision-makers, allowing for quick adjustments.

Historical data for strategic planning

RaceData allows teams to access their own data from past races. This data provides comparisons that help to determine strategy and vehicle settings for the next race.

Data access anytime and anywhere

I always have all the important information to hand - whether at the racetrack, in the workshop or on the road worldwide. You can instantly access schedules, documents and vehicle data on any internet-enabled device, wherever you are.

Who is behind it?

We are developers and motorsport fans. Our team, founded by a racing driver, wants to make motorsport more digital. We use technology to make the sport we love easier, clearer and more informative.

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What other teams say about us

"The RaceData app impresses with its intuitive user interface and effective centralization of all race event processes. Previous paper-based work is successfully digitized. Thanks to the developers for a smart application that makes it an indispensable tool for racing teams."

Oliver Banning
[a-workx] Motorsport

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