About us

Welcome to RaceData – Where technology meets passion! 🚀

We are backed by a software development company with many years of experience in the implementation of digital projects. We not only have racing in our code, but also in our blood. Thanks to our team’s racing experience, we have sweated on the track ourselves and know that millisecond-decisive information can make the difference between victory and defeat.

RaceData is therefore the symbiosis of a passion for motorsport and the creation of innovative software solutions.

We understand that data is not just numbers, but insights and opportunities. RaceData is all about creating powerful software that supports your passion. We know that even in the digital space, milliseconds can make all the difference.

RaceData is more than just an app. It is a tool that serves to promote your enthusiasm, your ideas and your projects. Our software is the key to not only advancing technologically, but also to promoting what you love.

Welcome to RaceData – the place where technology and passion merge into a unique journey.

Our vision

In a world where speed and precision are crucial, we present “RaceData” – the pioneering app for racing teams that aims to revolutionize the way teams digitize and organize their processes.

Our vision is to make RaceData an indispensable platform that helps race teams optimize their operations, increase their efficiency and ultimately get to the top of the competition.

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